Give Your House a Seamless Vapor Barrier

Liquid-applied vapor barriers offer protection from moisture in Somerset, KY

While plenty of builders wrap the structure they’re working on, most use plastic housewrap, building paper or some other kind of material. C&S Insulation LLC provides a liquid-applied vapor barrier to cover walls and concrete. The material offers a high level of airtightness for your home or office building and seals small cracks and openings. Call 606-219-8672 today to schedule vapor barrier installation for new construction.

3 benefits of liquid-applied vapor barriers

Once applied, the liquid-applied vapor barrier won’t stain and can be applied in one coat. It offers plenty of protection, including:

  1. Seamless application
  2. Self-sealing
  3. Preventing moisture

It allows the house to breathe while keeping moisture away. Window treatments are completed with liquid silicon caulking before the vapor barrier is sprayed. Contact C&S Insulation LLC to learn more about liquid-applied vapor barriers for your home.

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